Friday Finds - Interactive Vinyl Wall Art by @alexjbauer Also what "The Fuck" did I just type on the command line?


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Welcome to Friday Finds

A series of random things I recently found on the internets. Including, but not exclusively, bits of trivia, obscure things, throwbacky things, tech things, and new-to-me music.



Disappointment Island

Disappointment Island is an uninhabitable island off the coast of New Zealand. It is unknown how exactly the island originally got its name, though the most likely reasons are frequent shipwrecks that occur there or the simple lack of useful resources on the island. Not be confused with the Disappointment Islands, plural, located in the literal middle of nowhere in the Pacific Ocean.


🛠️Maker Space

Interactive Vinyl Wall Art

Creative display from @alexjbauer using NFC tags on record album covers that, when read by a phone held up to it, will automatically play that album digitally. The cherry on top is the beautiful light show that highlights the currently playing album. See the full video on his TikTok or Instagram.



The Fuck

The Fuck is a command line Python app that attempts to correct errors in previous console commands. Made a typo in your previous command? Fix it with "fuck."



Just a few things I came across over the past week that were new to me.


The Atlanta-based band bills themselves as a three piece jazz rock band that I came across on a recommendation for people who are into Polyphia. Their technical guitar style is very similar to the progressive, math rock style of Polyphia, bouncing all over the fretboard. But they have a considerably more laid back R&B feel.


The Pezheads

A solo surf rock project by @leelani with a punk attitude and a very raw sound that honestly sells it for me. Her voice reminds me a bit the Yeah Yeah Yeahs or maybe an earlier White Stripes song that Meg White might have done the vocals for.



Behaviorist is the solo project of baritone saxiphonist Stephen Chen that reminds me of alt-J in a number of ways. As he states, most of the songs are about exploring the idea of whether or not we are good people.